Let me take you to the neighbourhood of the Gods…

They say, when you truly want something in life with all your heart, the Universe starts creating the magic on your path for you to get that one thing. Greece was always one of the dream destinations for me. Finally, the day arrived when I was in Athens, Greece. Yes, you are right, I pinched myself a few times to believe that its real.

Oh yes, I have hundreds of stories to share with you. I have decided not to go chronologically but, as and when a memory over powers my heart and inspires me to tell you the story, I will start sharing it through the musings of my Ink.

So, right after getting down through the hills from Acropolis, I felt a little numb. Will write about my experience with Acropolis in my next blog but this blog is not about Acropolis. This is about the “Neighbourhood of the Gods”.

It’s neoclassic colours, the architecture, beautifully preserved gardens and very warm and charming atmosphere is spread all around the narrow streets. Located right below the Acropolis of Athens, I am right here in the neighbourhood of the Gods, Plaka.

I started walking on the streets of the most historical neighbourhood of Greece.  Greek art shops, fur and jewellery shops, nuts, olives, restaurants and bars and the most important what I loved are the different street performances by different artists. Such a blissful experience! Travellers from different countries were strolling around, some were just sitting in open street side restaurants and bars and having a relaxed time.

Plaka can make you realise that life could be so beautiful just with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sitting next to your family or friends or the one person you love. I had nearly spent 6 days in Athens and almost 4 days I visited Plaka and everytime I had something new to experience.

Greece is famous for Greek food, obviously! Out of variety of dishes, I loved Chicken Souvlaki with Pita bread and baklava. I tried couple of restaurants there. Restaurant Eris, Erito, Avacado, God’s restaurant are the few names I will recommend to my readers. You must try Avacado shake in Avacado restaurant and Orange juice in any restaurant in Greece. I am sure you will never get that fresh and tasty orange juice anywhere else.

I am sure this video will tingle your senses and you may want to start planning your trip to Greece. Click here for my tips on the important points you must take care while planning your international trip.









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