Why being judgemental is used as a negative expression? 

If you have heard this a lot that being judgemental is a negative expression then I have a few questions for you. How do you make friends? Ok, I think I must modify my question for you to understand it better. What process do you follow when you decide to make someone as your new friend? My next question is, even if it is business, how do you decide that this person could be your business partner? Or, why do you get upset at your boss or any colleague? Am I throwing too many complicated questions? Alright, let me ask you an easy one. How did you fall in love with her? And you, why did you break up with him? Hmm…

I can keep on asking you questions and every time your answer will mean one thing that you have judged the other person. Yes, you have judged the other person and you found that he or she is reliable, cares for you or doesn’t care for you, is honest, is brave, is intelligent or dumb, is a cheat, is in love with you, hates you, jealous of you, etc., etc. How did you know? You have judged!

You have judged the person to see if you want to have this person or situation in your life or not. It is for your peace, your growth, your happiness, your safety, your quality of life then… Why is being judgemental used as a negative expression? 

To have the right people and right circumstances in your life you need to be judgemental! The closer to the truth you judge, the righter steps you will take within the right time.



  1. Very well articulated , Reema. These feelings everyone has but some do express and some don’t. Importance is never to forget our roots where we started . Making any kind of decisions purely comes from our inner self and our inherited habits more than those decisions which are taught in management classes.

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